“The Garden of Eden!” (Behind the Scenes Video)

Dee-1 – The Garden of Eden (Trailer) from Dee-1 on Vimeo. Check out the trailer to Dee-1’s latest video set to drop, “The Garden of Eden.” From his critically acclaimed street album “I Hope They Hear Me Vol 2.” Available now at S/O to Mike Shahin, the video director[…]

TSS on “Uncle Tom”

“It seems like every day we get commenters clamoring for real Hip-Hop with a message in the face of the unending amounts of terrible, vapid s#!t we get spoon-fed on the regular. I don’t know what any of those people could ever hope for besides Dee-1.” – David D. of[…]

Dee-1 – Never Clockin Out (Audio)

The Source magazine’s current Unsigned Hype pick Dee-1 drops another exclusive joint. Click here to download for FREE: Never Clockin Out (Audio)

Dee-1 – Cornerback Blitz (Audio)

(Produced by Flight School) Setting: 1AM studio conversation in New Orleans. “What’s it called in music when you come out of nowhere and all of a sudden make everybody pay attention to your movement?” No one had a clear answer. Then Dee-1 hopped off the sofa and said “A Cornerback[…]

Dee-1 – The One That Got Away (Behind The Scenes)

This was 5 years in the making!!! Dee-1 X Mannie Fresh behind the scenes of the video shoot for the hit single “The One That Got Away” from Dee-1’s FREE album “I Hope They Hear Me Vol. 2!”