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Click here now to get your free download: http://madmimi.com/signups/189080/join Still haven’t seen the whole video?? We have you covered: Click here now to get your free download: Still haven’t seen the whole video?? We have you covered:     “Rapper Dee-1’s Sallie Mae song might just be the anthem for[…]


“Separated At Birth” Mixtape BANNED

Dee-1 issues the following apology to his fans after his “Separated at Birth,” mixtape is banned from being released: “I’d like to apologize to all the fans. This is a project that was needed in hip hop and I was excited to give it to you all. All I can[…]


Dee-1- 2014 BET Experience Weekend

The 2014 BET Experience Weekend was pure motivation. I did a bunch of interviews in the radio room with dj’s from all around the country, some of which knew me and some of which didn’t. Motivation. I can tell some people are REALLY rooting for me and others REALLY have[…]

free lunch

**New Mixtape** Dee-1 drops “Free Lunch and Sallie Mae”

Dee-1 releases his newest mixtape, “Free Lunch and Sallie Mae.” Stream and Download now! “Everybody i know either grew up getting Free Lunch at school or had to deal with Sallie Mae when they got older… So i dedicate this mixtape to me and my friends, looking at where we[…]

Jason Geter (wide)

[Audio] Dee-1 – Jason Geter

Dee-1 is known for telling his personal stories through his music and this song is another great story to add to the list. “Jason Geter” brings to life Dee-1’s struggle to break into the music industry, after meeting the one person he felt could take his career to the next[…]

Dee-1 – Walking Revolution [Official Video]

“7 out of 10 Americans are one paycheck away from being homeless.” This video/set of actions was meant to shine light into the lives of these homeless individuals from New Orleans and provide a platform for this issue to gain more attention.