Dee-1 Redefines Real In New “3’s Up” Documentary



Dee-1 Redefines Real In New “3’s Up” Documentary

Following the release of his EP “3’s UP,” New Orleans native and RCA recording artist Dee-1 presents a 3-part documentary series entitled “3’s Up” produced/directed BluPrint Media and Edward Buckles. The documentary gives fans a glimpse into the life of Dee-1, allowing fans to better connect with the man behind the “Mission Vision.”

Since making his mark with 2010’s “Jay, 50, Weezy,” Dee-1 has been an artist that has consistently released music that empowers generations before and after him. Through his “Mission Vision” movement, Dee encourages his audience to walk by three principles: to be Real, be Righteous, and be Relevant. “3’s Up” highlights Dee-1 as he navigates through his journey in the entertainment industry while staying true to the movement that he created. Audiences will get to go beyond the music and witness Dee’s true passion to motivate and inspire others. Dee states “I really want people to connect and to have an intimate understanding of who Dee-1 is, on a level that they can’t always get from just hearing my music.”

“3’s Up” proves that Dee-1 has a much needed place in hip-hop. His desire to redefine what the industry has considered to be “real” makes him a leader and inspiration to those who appreciate consciousness and positivity.

Watch the above, and stay tuned for part 2.

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