Dee-1’s Knowledge for College Tour

A tour like no other

Hip-hop artist Dee-1 is hitting the road with us for year two of the Knowledge for College tour. At each stop, he’ll issue a personal challenge to high school students to make college a part of their mission, share his story, and perform his hit song, “Sallie Mae Back.” Plus, one lucky student will win a $5,000 scholarship for college.1

Dee-1’s Knowledge for College tips

Why go to college?

  • You can make more money if you have a college degree.
  • You’ll have career options.
  • You’ll meet new people and make connections you’ll value the rest of your life.

How to pay for college?

  • Get your share of the $120 billion the government sets aside for students by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
  • Max out on free money. Apply for as many scholarships as possible!
  • If you need a loan, don’t borrow more than what you expect your salary will be after you graduate.

Why a degree matters?

  • The degree is your key to finding a fulfilling future. Take pride in setting a goal and seeing it through.
  • Earn the return on money you’ve spent. Remember, you’ll have to repay student loans even if you don’t graduate—and that will be much harder without a degree.

In 2016, Dee-1 and Sallie Mae teamed up for a successful tour in five states, giving away $95,000 for college, and inspiring more than 3,000 high school students. See Dee-1 in action.

Dee-1’s Knowledge for College: Make College a Part of Your Mission Sallie Mae

I want high school students to understand why it’s important to go to college and why it’s important to graduate. I don’t want to just tell them to do it.

– Dee-1